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Issue 2



Episode 1:
Turning Points

Life is made up of intersections. Everyone is on their way to someplace else. People must decide to continue on their current path or change direction. Endings can also be beginnings.

Episode 2:
The Things They Carried

Weight isn't just a physical description. Some things we carry can lift us up or grind us down.On their latest job, the crew of Expeditious Express take on a profitable job with high risks. Is there any other kind?

Penny For a Thought

The border of Brazil covers a lot of land. Many battles must be fought.Some are bigger than others.A small interlude.


issue 3


Episode 5: Coming Soon!
Episode 3:
Nature of the Beast

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. In
an effort to attract investors, Vince finds
himself between a rock and a very hard
place. The future just got deadlier.

Episode 4:

Humans are territorial creatures. Men
even moreso. How does one deal with an
invader encroaching on once familiar ground?

Episode 6: Coming Soon! Episode 7: Coming Soon! Episode 8: Coming Soon!
Episode 9: Coming Soon! Episode 10: Coming Soon! Episode 11: Coming Soon!
Episode 12:Coming Soon! Episode 13: Coming Soon! Season 2 -- Coming Soon!

Characters and Story Copyright Matthew Porter 2005

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