Mail Bag

Well, friends, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that AEW is going on hiatus.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to continue drawing the comic in a timely manner. I will
continue to do a page whenever I can, but not with any kind of frequency.

I am moving onto a new project. Namely, writing and shooting a movie! If you would like to
follow the progress of this new enterprise please visit my blog at

If any of you are artists and are interested in continuing the adventures of the crew of Expeditious Express,
send me an e-mail with some work samples. You can either sign up for a full issue, or as little as a single
page. I can't offer any money, but you can plug your own site, and plus it will be a fun experience!

Either way, I hope to have time in the future to return to these characters, and I sincerely thank you
for humoring me. This story is far from complete, and with a little luck and time, I can finally
finish it.. Thanks a lot, and I'll see you in the future!



Remember to let me know if you want your e-mail published or not in the subject line!

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